Neighbor – to – Neighbor is an unprecedented effort from the Quicken Loans Community Investment Fund that aims to reach all 60,000 homes in Detroit that are at risk of tax foreclosure.

We are looking for neighborhood organizations who can commit to knock on the doors of homes in their area that are at risk of tax foreclosure, collect information on the resident’s situation, and deliver foreclosure prevention resources.

Neighborhood organizations, CDCs, and block clubs are invited to apply through this website for grant funding that will compensate canvassers who participate in the effort, and provide funding for the organizing group as well.

How it Works

training docs

1. Apply Online

Use the map to see how many tax delinquent properties are in your area, then fill out the application.

Shadow Request

2. Get Trained

Accepted organizations will receive a training for all door knocking participants, as well as funding to kick off canvassing.

Gracie Report

3. Get Out There

Knock on doors and provide tools and resources to residents at risk of tax foreclosure

Hotlist Playbook

4. Receive Funding

Organizations that successfully complete the canvassing goals will receive additional funding at the end of canvassing.

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