• Who is eligible to apply as a neighborhood organization?

    Any Community Development Organization, CDC, neighborhood organization / block club is welcome to apply.

  • How much money is available?

    The total size of the fund is $500,000. Organizations will receive grant funding based on the number of properties they commit to canvassing within 60 days. Organizations that speak to residents at more than 60% of all occupied homes in their canvassing area will receive additional funding. Here’s a helpful tip: It takes about 5 minutes to survey a property. Use that, and the rate at which you plan to pay canvassers, to estimate how long it will take to canvas the properties in the area you are considering committing to.

  • Who can volunteer?

    Anyone who is 18 years or older, has their own Apple (iOS) or Android phone or mobile device, preferably a resident of the neighborhood being surveyed.

  • What happens if someone else has already selected properties in my footprint?

    No big deal! Let us know your ideal boundaries all the same, and we’ll work with both groups to figure out how best to cover the total territory.

  • Who will train the canvassers?

    The United Community Housing Coalition and their partners will provide training to canvassers.

  • Will canvassers be paid?

    Yes, groups that apply to participate will be required to use part of their grant to compensate canvassers for their contributions.




  • What will the survey information be used for?

    The information collected will help direct residents to resources to avoid foreclosure based on their relationship to their home. For example, homeowners who may be unaware of income-based property tax exemptions will receive information on workshops where they can apply for exemptions from property taxes.

  • Who will have access to the data collected?

    The data collected will be used by the United Community Housing Coalition, the Quicken Loans Community Investment Fund, and any neighborhood organizations who participate in the survey and want to conduct further foreclosure prevention outreach.