1. Canvassers will need to use their own mobile devices.
  2. You’ll need to be okay with sharing the data you collect with QLCIF & our partners at the United Community Housing Coalition who provide counseling.
  3. All canvassers MUST go through a foreclosure outreach training course before they begin outreach.
  4. Be thoughtful about how many properties you can take on — we’ll ask that you commit to canvassing all of them within 60 days of the project starting.
  5. Applications will be accepted through November 10th, 2017

Step 1: Define Your Boundaries

You can see how many tax delinquent properties there are in the area you’re interested in canvassing by clicking a region in the map below. Use this tool to inform how many properties your group feels comfortable committing to canvassing. If you have questions about how to estimate, get in touch at

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Step 2: Complete and Submit Your Application