Depending on the number of people living in your home and your household income, a Property Tax Exemption (PTE) can either cut your current year’s taxes owed in half, or wipe them out completely.

If you think you are eligible: Attend one of the workshops listed on the back of this flyer. Filling out a PTE can be complicated, and it’s best to have help.

Am I eligible for a property tax exemption?

People in Household
Income Limit Full exemption
Income Limit partial exemption
1 $16,660 $19,160
2 $19,950 $22,450
3 $22,100 $24,600
4 $25,600 $28,100
5 $28,440 $30,940
6 $32,580 $35,080
7 $36,730 $39,230
8 $40,890 $43,390

*If you are a Veteran, or the un-remarried spouse of a deceased veteran, there are unique qualifications for you to receive a PTE. Contact the Board of Review at (313) 628-0723 or attend a workshop on the other side of this flyer.

What DO I need to apply for an exemption

  • Deed for the home in your name
  • Current ID for all adults over 18 years
  • Proof of income for everyone over 18 years (Ex: W2’s, paystubs, SSI/SSD, food stamps)
  • Proof of expenses (Ex: current utility bills, tax payment plan, medical bills, credit card, etc)
  • Bank statement, 401k, insurance settlement, etc.
  • Report cards for school age children
  • Notarized letter of help from anyone who is helping you financially
  • Copy of Federal and State 2016 tax return for all adults who live in the home